Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have such and such song or know where I can get it?

Everything we have is on the site, so if it's not here, we don't have it yet. Be sure to do a search of the site. Sometimes the song title may be different than what you know it as. We suggest doing a Song title search or Artist search first and then do a lyrics search for key phrases. If you still can't find the song, please figure it out and send it in!

Return To Top... Why can't I cut-n-paste a song?

We have reformatted the songs (chord charts only) to have the ability to display in different fonts and sizes. In order to do this, we had to work some web magic to make it display properly. However, by making it look pretty for display as well as printing, the ability to highlight the song for cutting-n-pasting becomes unusable (due to the way your browser copies the text).

To eliminate this frustrating process of highlighting strangely formatted song text, we have turned off your browser's click-n-drag highlighting ability.

The Solution: The answer is an easier way for you copy the song. We have put a button right at the top of each song that looks like this:

When you click this button, the song is copied into your computer's clipboard feature (song title, chords/lyrics, and copyright information) for you. You can then paste the song in whatever application you want (Word / Powerpoint / etc).

NOTE: This copied text was pre-formatted for display in Courier New (monospaced fonts) only.  Which means, the chords will appear shifted in other fonts (such as Times New Roman, Arial, etc).  You will likely need to move the chords slightly to align them properly.

However, if we have ruined your click-n-drag highlighting fun, there is a way you can still do this.  To return to the previous display format, change your font to Courier New.  You may now highlight and hit Ctrl-C to do your song copying.  The print page will now work for this as well.

Return To Top... What do these icons mean?
- - opens the settings panel to adjust font size, color, etc
- - copies the song title and text to clipboard
- - opens the content of the song for correction or personal customization
- - displays list of links/attachments related to the song
- - opens panel to add/modify songs inclusion to your songbooks and set lists
Return To Top... Do you have bass tab for praise & worship music?

You can use the chorded version to improvise bass tab. A good way to start is to use the root notes of the chords. When you work out some good lines for any of the praise music, be sure to send it in.

Return To Top... Do you have tab for such and such instrument?

I haven't been able to find tab for anything besides guitar, bass, and horns. This includes piano and drums. You can use the tabs that are in chord version to try to write your own version. The reason there aren't any drums or piano music is that there is no way to display them in standard text file format so that they can be read on any computer.

Return To Top... What are your responsibilities as a user?

Copyright laws of 2008:

Rockin With The Cross (RWTC) is a subscription service offered by (1CN) and is based on the streaming content law (“offline Playlist”), in reference to streaming content and tethering and 30 day limitations. 1CN is confirming that the methods utilized in the delivery system of the content are legally established and accepted methods of content delivery.

The RWTC archive does not contain music, notation, melody lines, or time signatures, unless otherwise stated or delivered in its service or in a payment per song (a la carte). A La Carte downloads may be made available to end users pursuant to 1CN’s licenses with publishers and/or song owners. 1CN supplies legal music tablature content to which it hereby confirms has required distribution and licensing rights. Our charts display methods and systems whereby letters and numbers are used to give concepts and ideas or patterns. This method is herein referred to as "Chord Charts" and "Tablature." Mathematical principles, formulas and algorithms were developed to change letters or graphs that are used to chart – herein referred as the term "transposing."

All songs charted here are either from the publisher, song writer or the interpretation of chartists, based on existing, listened to, recorded arrangements. Therefore some charts may not be written original works but merely guidelines. "Original" means merely that the author produced the work by his own intellectual effort, as distinguished from copying an existing work. These charts are merely a guide and have no melody, arrangement, time signature or notation. RWTC does not allow recorded music of any kind to be used on its service unless under strict legal permission.

You the user have responsibilities when using the service: The copyright law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. Under certain conditions specified in the law, libraries and archives are authorized to furnish a photocopy or other reproduction. One of these specified conditions is that the photocopy or reproduction is not to be "used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship, or research." If a user makes a request for, or later uses, a photocopy or reproduction for purposes in excess of "fair use," that user may be liable for copyright infringement. You may not copy or file share from the service unless imported to a third party service affiliated and in agreement with this service. Churches and ministries using the service for performance must procure a license that covers the legal performance you do on a weekly basis in services and ministries events.

When you perform any of these tabs or chord sheets in services and ministries events, it may be necessary for the performer/church to secure a performance copyright license. If you exceed "fair Usage" for ministry purposes using one of the following services will enable legal use:

These services handle required royalties due to the songwriters and publishers for public usage and performance. The performance, copying, projection, etc of the songs is covered by both entities in ministry settings.

Return To Top... The site tells me I'm logged-in BUT every time I go to get a tab I'm sent back to the "My Account/My Profile" page. How do I fix this?

First, before you log in again, please go to the site and click the LOG OFF button. Then log in again with your user id and password.

If that does not work, please make sure you don't have "cookies" turned off and that your security levels are not set so high as to prevent you from using the "cookie". We place a "cookie" on your machine when you log in so that our server knows that you have logged in. If your machine forbids us from doing that then the result is the problem you are seeing. To correct this in Internet Explorer, left click on Tools on the menu bar, double left click on Internet Options, left click on the privacy tab, near the bottom of the open box there is a section that says web sites, click the button in that section that says edit, in the next window about one-third of the way down the box there is a one line white box titled address of web site - in that box type "", left click on allow and then left click on ok. That should fix your problem without adjusting your overall privacy setting. If you are not using Internet Explorer, go to your control panel and find Internet Options and follow the above directions from there.

Return To Top... What does it cost to be a member of the site and how does one make payment?

There are two ways to pay the membership fee. You can pay by credit card and get immediate access. Alternatively, you can pay by check and we will activate your membership on receipt of the check. Your membership fee covers the administrative costs of the site. You are not paying for the tablature. There are no other fees to use the site.

For your convenience there are three billing options from which to choose. There is the bill monthly option at $4.95 per month (only available if paid by credit card), bill semiannually option at $29.70 for six months and bill annually option at $59.00 for one year (all payment amounts are in US Dollars). Once you sign-up by credit card to use the site, we will charge you automatically every month, every six months or annually, depending upon the billing option you choose. You may cancel your membership at anytime to stop reoccurring payments. Once cancelled you will still be able to access the site until your next billing date. Then, when you want to use the site again, simply reactivate your membership by logging-in and click on my account, then view billing and follow the instructions.

Return To Top... How do I cancel my account?

To cancel your account, you will need to do the following:

  1. Log in with the UserID you wish to cancel.
  2. Click on the "My Account" link at the top of the page.
  3. Click on the "View Billing" menu option.
  4. Click "Cancel Next Billing" in the menu options.
  5. Please choose your reason for cancelling.
  6. Click the "Cancel Next Billing" button at the bottom.
Return To Top... I have signed up for more than one account. Every time I try to log in I am directed to an old account and can not get access. What should I do?

Before you log in again, please go to the site and click the LOG OFF button. Then log in again with your user id and password.

If you are still unable to log into your account, please delete your temporary Internet files and then delete your cookies for and then log in with the new user id and password.

Return To Top... How can I contact you?

Our Contact Information is here or click on the "Contact Us" link from any page.

Return To Top... How do I import songs from RWTC into my OnSong app?

Click here to view steps of how to import songs from RWTC into OnSong app.

Return To Top... Why did my songs in the OnSong app stop working?

Upon cancellation or lapse of your RWTC membership, songs imported from RWTC will become dormant and unavailable. Upon reactivation, dormant songs will again become available.

Return To Top... Do I own the songs I download from Rockin With The Cross?

The fee you are paying does not entitle you to ownership of any of the material on RWTC. The fee you are paying is a membership similar to a library membership. RWTC is a Christian ministry that works to compile data for churches. You may use material privately. If you wish to publically use or perform any material procured through RWTC, you may use material after appropriately and in conjunction with a performance license. RWTC does not license material for performance usage. You may not publish material for commercial use like reproducing a songbook and selling it. There are no other fees to use the site. Third Party Apps users that import RWTC material may do so for private usage. You may use material procured with RWTC and give attribution for performance after appropriately and in conjunction with a performance license specifically for Church use. Please note that upon cancellation or lapse of your RWTC membership, songs imported from RWTC into your Apps account will become deactivated. This is because you do not own the material. Upon reactivation, dormant material will again become available.

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Create Set List
    click to add setlist name
    created on
    used on


      The set list feature is designed for you to be able to create sets of songs.

      1. Click Create Set List
      2. Add a song by click Add To

      1. When on any page with a list of songs, you can drag-n-drop a song into your list.
      2. When on any song page, click the "Add To Set List" button

      1. Share your set list with others
      2. Use it to display songs while practicing/performing
      3. Use to track your sets

      1. Change the order of the songs by simply dragging to the desired location
      2. Change/save the default song key for each song