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Cutting Edge
Singers Song
Cutting Edge

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Cutting Edge CD
"Singers Song"
Copyright 1997 Furious? Records
Bb Cm7/Bb C4/Bb (no "E" in the chord)
Come on all us singers sing that jesus christ is lord (x4)
Cm7/Bb Bb/D Ebm F
As your people Lord we now stand before your throne
Cm7/Bb Bb/D Ebm F
A Sacrifice of praise will be our song
Cm7/Bb Bb/D Ebm F Cm7/Bb
As your singers Lord we will shout that "He Is Good For His Love
Ebm Cm7/Bb Bb/D F --- hold out until riff-----
Endures Forever" Bass, piano, guitar riff: D Eb D C Bb A G A (real
quick and just play the notes...those aren't chords)
Come on all us singers sing that Jesus Christ is Lord (x4)
As your people Lord we will sing with thankfulness
We want our lives to be a song of praise
Banners we will wave to proclaim that "He is good, for his love endures
forever" ---- riff again
Come on all us dancers dance that Jesus Christ is Lord x4
F Ebm
Help us Lord to realize that our lips were made for praising you
Bb/D Ebm
Not for bringing others down, but for boasting of your love
F Ebm
Show us Lord that when we meet we have our feet on holy ground
Bb/D Ebm
Come and purify our lives, forgive us for the wrong we've done
F Ebm
We desire to see your face, but teach us first to fear the Lord
Bb/D Ebm
Let us not presume your grace, for the sin we bring is our disgrace
F Ebm
In you mercy send you power, demons go in Jesus name
Bb/D Ebm
Heal the sick and save the lost, reveal the power of the cross
Open up the heavens Lord
Open up the heavens Lord
Open up the heavens Lord
Open up the heavens Lord
Open up the heavens Lord
Ebm F ---------- riff again
Let us sing the song that Jesus saves us
Go back to chorus and sing for times....then end with the special riff with
just the guitar
My name is Curtis Carson
Please e-mail me if you have any suggestions or comments...this took me a
long time to make so please let me know what you thought (if you understood
it and everything). Thanks God bless!
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