Manage Devices

Your RWTC subscription limits the number of devices your login can use at one time. Whenever you log in on an app, it is recorded as an active device. When you log-in on more devices than defined in your subscription, all devices will be locked until one or more devices are removed (set inactive) on this page or you adjust your billing agreement to increase the number of active devices. You can see how many devices are permitted below.

Change Subscription

Songs from RWTC will become inactive in OnSong until the number of active devices is within your agreement.

It is recommended you rename your device(s) so you know which ones are active.

Active Devices

Create Set List
    click to add setlist name
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      The set list feature is designed for you to be able to create sets of songs.

      1. Click Create Set List
      2. Add a song by click Add To

      1. When on any page with a list of songs, you can drag-n-drop a song into your list.
      2. When on any song page, click the "Add To Set List" button

      1. Share your set list with others
      2. Use it to display songs while practicing/performing
      3. Use to track your sets

      1. Change the order of the songs by simply dragging to the desired location
      2. Change/save the default song key for each song