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Rockin With The Cross Worship Planner
Rockin With The Cross - guitar guy
Rockin With The Cross
Access thousands of chord charts,
lead sheets and arrangements by
worship leaders around the world.

Celebrating 10 years this member driven Christian Chord Chart/ Tablature for Piano, Guitar, Bass and Horn archive, brings music for on the go worship leaders today. You can transpose on the go and hear 30 sec clips of music to make sure you've got the right piece.

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1CN Worship Planner
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  • State of the Art Event Scheduler
  • Customizable Church and
    Team Songbooks
  • Upload Your Own Files!
    (pdf, Word, Excel, jpg, mp3)
  • Worship Team Communications Center
  • Lowest Priced Sheet Music!
  • Song Usage Tracking
  • Stage Planner
... and more features on the way

One Of the Most Dynamic Worship Planners on the web. 1CN Worship Planners has customizable Church and Team Songbooks to a state of the art Event Scheduler. You can even upload your own files like Word, EXCEL, pdf, WMA, mp3, jpg and more! Check out the exclusive Stage Planner that allows everyone to see where they are on the stage for performance. Song Usage tracking so you're accountable and know which song you may be playing too much or should be playing a little more. A Service Flow Chart for the rundown of the event or service at a glance with time charts and notes from leaders or pastors. The Planner also has the Worship Team Communications Center that allows your members to find and replace themselves if they can't play or sing, and so much more!

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