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Run Through My Veins
Vigilantes Of Love

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# This tablature was submitted by Jason Killingsworth.
Song: Run Through My Veins
Album: To the Roof of the Sky
Artist: Vigilantes of Love
A-x02220 Asus2-x02233 E-022100 Em-022000 Em7-022033 D-x00232
Dsus2-x00230 Am-x02210 Bm-x24432 Bm2-x20230 Bb-x1333x Bb2-x10033
F-133211 F#m-244222
*Run Through My Veins*

Put down for a little while, yeah, this time I'm really in
You're on no first name basis with the stranger in your skin
Betrayal: she's a girl, yeah, I slept with once or twice
Treason: her next of kin, she was more than nice

[F] [Em] [G] [D]
And all your best intentions sleep under a sky with no stars
[Asus2] [Csus2] [G][D] [Asus2] [Csus2]
And you run through my veins to my heart, and you run through my veins

When I'm sure of nothin', I'm certain of everything else
The longer that we do this we feel less and less ourselves
Hey, why is it when you climb up here you can't find a place to hide?
Hey, why is it when you climb up here it feels like suicide?

Put down for a little while, time to bandage up these wounds
Time to find some spare parts, time to ration fuel
Plant your victory garden, place a flower there for me
You come into your kingdom, Lord, set the thief from the tree

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