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Opposites True
Vigilantes Of Love

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# This tablature was submitted by Jason Killingsworth.
Song: Opposite's True
Album: To the Roof of the Sky
Artist: Vigilantes of Love
A-x02220 Asus2-x02233 E-022100 Em-022000 Em7-022033 D-x00232
Dsus2-x00230 Am-x02210 Bm-x24432 Bm2-x20230 Bb-x1333x Bb2-x10033
F-133211 F#m-244222

Lo, these odd years when reviewed I constantly find
[Csus2] [G]
Hey, when I'm reaching for the light, darkness is not far behind
[D] [G]
You might think I've learned a thing or two about playing it cool
[Csus2] [D] [G]
Well, you might think that is so, ah, but no, no the opposite's true
You might think in the storm we've discovered the eye of the calm
But I've yet to find a way to dodge all these sweaty little palms
You might think we've made some enemies, but I just can't recall who
You might think it keeps us up at night but no, no the opposite's true
Are there any words of wisdom I've picked up along the way?
Why yes, "death usually comes dressed up in her finery and lace"
Hey, hasn't everyone in these bars been crying inside their whole life
through? Well, you might think we cease to hear it, but no, no
The opposite's true
Kings and queens are bankrupt here at the mouth of the Nile
They say the pyramids they're all looted; Pharaoh won't be back for a
while, crocodiles are hungry see 'em polish their tie pins with care
I used to understand their language, but now I'm just unaware
Used to install fire alarms before I ever started to sing
And after all these years I find I've been doing the same thing
Hey, everyone stop, check your pulse, nevermind it's code blue
Well, you might think we'd call the doctor but no (2x)
You might think we'd call the doctor, but no, no the opposite's true
Oh yes, the opposite's true
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