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On the verge
Vigilantes Of Love

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# This tablature was submitted by Jason Killingsworth.
Song: On the Verge
Album: To the Roof of the Sky
Artist: Vigilantes of Love
A-x02220 Asus2-x02233 E-022100 Em-022000 Em7-022033 D-x00232
Dsus2-x00230 Am-x02210 Bm-x24432 Bm2-x20230 Bb-x1333x Bb2-x10033
F-133211 F#m-244222

On the verge of stealing the precious thing you're concealing
Give the cup of grief to me and I'll drink it to the dregs
If your senses are reeling
[Em7] [Dsus2]
You know that everything that rises must converge
Simply in a word you will
[D] [Csus2] [G] [F] [Am] (1st time through)
Lay your burden down and walk away
You're slipping through the cracks and by the way
We all start out as castaways
Thrown down coins on dusty floors
Distraction: the order of the day
So you mine a deeper vein to try and even out the score
What lies behind these suffering songs?
Yearning, well, for something more

.........We're on the verge ohh hoo....we're on the verge

Fresh tar off the railroad ties bind us to that lonely route
Keep the home fires burning if the ember's ever going out
I'm on the verge of stealing that river forded in great haste
Give the cup of grief to me but thirst is all that we can taste

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