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Blister Soul
Vigilantes Of Love

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Title: Blister Soul
Album: Blister Soul
e--0-- Bill often plays a lick on the E string that goes:
B--0-- ---3-2-0--- There is also a lick after each
G--2-- chorus that goes with chord changes from Am to Em:
D--2-- [Em]
A--0-- ---------0--
E----- ---------0--
<=And now the song...=>
yeah, you got this place you go
it's just a trip before the fall
way past the fevered pitch
[Am] [C]
but just a spit from the wreckin' ball.
said you woke up this morning
said you woke up under a curse
I've heard the blues are bad
but this is something worse
and the ambulance driver
well, he tips his hat and stares.
and he asks you in a grave voice,
"Can I take you anywhere?"

[G] [D/F#]
Yeah the thing we cannot speak of
[C] [Am]
too painful to behold
[C] [Asus2]
oh, this blister soul.
[Em] [D/F#]
oh, this blister soul.
[C] [Am] (the lick)
oh, this blister soul.
there's a smaller place you go
where there's hardly any sound
where the deals have all gone sour
and where the house of cards comes down.
And the damage is costly
is beyond all dollars and sense.
You can't measure it with graphs and charts
or any instruments.

yeah the thing we cannot speak of,
the secret we all know.
oh, this blister soul (etc...)
yeah from the trumpet blast
I hear the banging drum.
yeah from once upon a time
to the kingdom come.
and the thing that's yours for free
is the thing I need the most.
stifles every boast
stifles every boast.

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