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Substance Abuse

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Subsatance Abuse
© 1994 Tooth & Nail Records
Tabbed by Isaac Nesmith
E G F# A# A F (x7)
Guitars back in(Play same speed as bass):
E G F# A# A F (x4)
*Vocals in*
E G F# A# A F
Lost Living for this world,
E G F# A# A F
Taking chances with my life out of control,
E G F# A# A F
Surrounded by darkness living in sin,
E G F# A# A F
Substance abuse, destruction the toll,
E G F# A# A F
Everythings changed everythings new,
E G F# A# A F
I live my life for Christ I live to hear the truth,
E G F# A# A F
No longer in Darkness or false reality,
E G F# A# A F
Take the Word of God It will set you free.
*Vocals Out*
*Bass by itself back to original speed (x2)*
*Guitars back in*
*Vocals In*
E G F#
God's my Rock my foothold to life,
A# A F
Without Him I'm lost I close up inside,
E G F#
I cannot walk I cannot see,
A# A F#
I cannot hear I cannot speak,
E G F# A# A F
He is my Reason... My only Reason
E G F# A# A F E
Substance Abuse I'm never going back
Listen to the track to play along eactly the chords over the words are pretty close but if you listen to the track you can get a better feel for them. Any questions E-Mail me
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