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Dearly Loved
Jimmy Needham
Speak OR For Freedom
  1. A
  2. Bb
  3. B
  4. C
  5. Db
  6. D
  7. Eb
  8. E
  9. F
  10. F#
  11. G
  12. Ab

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There is some picking in this song, but I didn't tab it. These are just the chords
if you want to play along with the CD. I'm just assuming that the picking is just
bouncing around inside the chords, but I could be wrong. The bridge might be a little
off, but that's the best I could make out. Some of the "D's" might be "D/F#'S" and
some of the "Em's" might be some variation of an Em
Please lay down your arrows For they’re sure to pierce the skin
And water from a broken well Will make you thirst again
When all things you’ve acquired Are tested by the flames
And you can see them melting Then will you call his name
It’s worth it brothers It’s worth it friends
To know your maker To lose your sin
Did you know that you are dearly loved
To the slaughters you are being led
Being told that it’s a party That this God is in your head
And every single lie Sounds just like the greatest truth
But the one truth you’re not hearing Is that he died for you

No greater joy No greater peace No greater love than this
No greater joy No greater peace No greater love than this

  • ©2006 First Company Publishing / Needham Music
  • Jimmy Needham
printed from

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