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Johnny Respect

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By Johnny Respect
Tabbed By Eric Exley
A       E                           D                E
I came into this world I felt like no one was by my side
A                  E                         D               E
I was looking for more than what was placed right before my eyes
A           E                               D                  E
I tried it all and I gave what should have been for my future love
A                 E                          D               E
But I can't understand why I'm not happy or why I feel all alone
D     E                F#            E
Yeah, yeah don't wanna feel it in my life
D                E                     F#          E
I don't wanna know and I don't wanna open up my eyes
A                E                          D               E
I got all these people around me tryin' to tell me what to do
A            E                        D                    E
My attitude takes me over don't need God and I don't need you
A            E                  D                     E
My mind is gonna explode if I feel like this till I die
A             E                D            E
Too much authority drowns my sense of reality
A          E                     D         E
Round and round life goes never seeming to end
A        E                    D          E
Fix my broken heart left for me here to mend
A                   E                  D           E
Running through my life mistakes I've made in the past
A              E                         D               E
You tried to tell me but what you said doesn't seem to last
A-E-F#-D-E (2X)
A        E       F#
Well you know I thought I heard it all
D            E
I was wrong and I admit that now
A       E      F#
Cause you showed me I was wrong
D           E
I got all I could ever want
D     E              F#                E
Yeah, yeah now I know why you're in my life
D     E                F#                E
Yeah, yeah I should've listened you were right yeah, yeah
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